Friday, January 26, 2007

susan comes home

the hospital over, we all rejoice having susan back home with us today.
let everyone know that willy, sadie and paco did not like her forced absence and are ecstatic thinking of her coming back today when the doctors free her and her broken-repaired elbow from hospital.

doctors say everything went really well, that they have checked in the operating room that she has 100%, that is, complete movement in her arm.

10-15 days of checking and immobilization, and then start rehab.

we love it.

we love to have our sweet lady back with us.

yea, yea, yea!!!!!

and we have to admit it. even if she is not the best of patients, in general, this time she was pretty good. we´ll see how long this attitude goes.

of course, no pics were allowed.
this last pic was taken in the box, before the operation, and she was already in a good mood.
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