Wednesday, February 14, 2007

yea, yea, yea

monday was the day. susan was excited. the cast was going to be taken off.
i left her in the hospital and waited for her call to go pick her up.
we were all very happy.
but doctors know no calendar: sorry mam. we can't take off your cast till the 21st day after the operation... and that is next wednesday, not today.
they didn't pay the price. at least not for very long.
then she came home... and wasn't very content.
but two days have gone by, and
yea, yea, yea !!!
today we had the cast off...
and tomorrow she starts rehab with our friend fermín, very nice guy and excellent doc.
so, we are all very happy now.
pictures are pending... but will be taken, even if i have to go marching to beijing.
ps as you can see, the pics were taken... publishing them was something else. but here you have it as proof that her right elbow is working. first thing she did: take care of her hair... can you imagine anything else? then, going to the swiming pool, to show off.