Saturday, August 05, 2006

the book bitches

once upon a time, i tried to write in english. to honour the lawyer part of the book bitches' blog, i'll do my best once again.
yesterday, zapping through internet, i arrived to the four bitches' blog (in some places they say they are two, but i guess they have doubled). i would have included here one of their beatiful girl designs, but i won't dare.
quite a few virtual pages have copyright statements, but they usually put it in some little corner at the bottom, like a restroom, so we don't lose our time reading it unless in a real urge for some powder. not the bitches.
the girls have put it just at the beginning of their page, in a link with plenty of little stars. very girlylike, i would say. so i couldn't resist, the stars i mean, and immediately clicked to their copyright statement and privacy policy.
following their advice, i will not reproduce it since i don't want a battle with these fierce british girls (they sound british, but who knows, they might be chinese), although i would love to have a chance to read it thoroughouly while having some beers with a bunch of guys, better if with plenty of lawyer guys. i am sure we could die laughing just thinking what went through the bitches' minds when they were writing such an statement. far better than a walk on the dark side of the moon.
there are a few legal issues in the bitches' statement that should be very interesting for law students to think about, but again, i will not dare to reprdouce it without the bitches' previous written consent, and i am not going to stand up to ask for it, at least not today, so i simply have put a link to it (they love publicity and therefore don't forbid your linking, or maybe they do, who knows).

one of these days i will try to read some of their book reviews. at least they have very good taste with icons and designs (but be aware, they love pink, like pink flamingos, remember the john water movie?), and that is always a beginning.

ps the designs and painting in this post are not the bitches'. the first design its an oldie and says it all by itself about its owner (and freixenet loves publicity too and will not sue me for publishing it). the painting is my property, a gift from mom, depicts my sister teresa, and is the art of palmira abelló (and i don't think she'll sue me either for putting it here, although she could afford it without a blink). i found the third design visiting the portuguese zona8 lifestyle's blog, and i am quite sure that both zona8 and the also love publicty and will not sue me for showing you their addresses and design. and what to say about the movie? maybe you think they hate me telling you about it. i'll take the risk. last but not least, obviously, the body is also a fierce angel production, as it says, and i put it here simply to give a little pleasure to the guys while we study the bitches' statement. we don't live out of hard work alone, don't you think so?
pps (august 17) after reading the post above, a friend guy, javier vidal, said it was very fashionable and suggested me to link with the miller beer video ads. check there the section videos and tell me about them. i can't listen to them (i passed the speakers to my very dear and sweet daughter lili), so i don't know if they are pc, but i guess they don't look like it.