Tuesday, September 08, 2009


We couldn't go to G&M's wedding (Susan was going to the States for Leo's birth), and then they were gone to Africa... and then we were in the States for vacations.

Finally, yesterday we had G for dinner -M was in Paris- and gave him their wedding present.

We also invited José Antonio Carrera, the author of the picture we gave them as a gift. He took the beautiful picture a few years ago in Segou (Mali). (Here you can view & buy some of his pix -I love the fallen Soviet Communist Red Star, taken in 2002 in the port of Murmansk, on the artic, near the russian nuclear submarine base-, and here you can find some of his outstanding Yanomami photos).

We were doubting between the young kid with pink pants (above) or the Segou gas station (left), but as you can see we decided for the elegance and modernity of the young malian.

When we first heard about the wedding we thought about giving them a very modern NYC photo -G&M are quite a modern couple-, one of a Hasidim Jew in front of a barbershop on 52nd, between 1st and 2nd, or...

maybe the one of that bookie joint on Eldrige St (Chinatown), where the Chinese guys working in sweatshops go lose in a blink their hard-earned money, or,..

why not the portrait on 6th Ave. of Louis Menoes, the street photographer who does portraits of people at the entrance of city events, prints the pix in the back of the car and, at the exit, gives them the end product.

However, when we learned that G&M were planning to go for their honeymoon to the Central Republic of Africa, to teach teachers, we looked for a more appropriate African picture.

I hope you agree with our choice.