Thursday, November 19, 2009

Working for a better international perception of Israel

As long as Israel stands alone it’s going to be an extremely easy target for criticism from unhappy people in the world, especially in Western and other developed countries and amid those more inclined to left-wing positions.

Even worse if Israel is perceived, as in fact it is, as the advanced arm of the “devilous imperial” USA.

And, at the same time, it will be an extremely good and useful scape-goat for governments and politicians of those same countries.

I imagine this has been a major concern for Israel’s governments and therefore its policies work hard to show collaboration with other countries in as many fields as possible.

But it is my belief that those policies and public communications are highly out of focus.

It is not so much about showing collaboration but about showing Israel as an intrinsic part of a bigger entity, those Western, developed and good willing countries working for the betterment of people world-wide.

And not only showing Israel as part of those people of good will, but as a very significant, if not essential, part of them, as an indespensable and major player in the field.