Monday, January 01, 2007

christmas 06 and morerías

the kids better give susan some grand-children quickly... or i don't know how are we going to survive at home. she couldn't resist to dress me up for new year's eve at enriquetas'!
sadie was also dressed up with a bow and a kiki. and i saw paco running up the street while yelling words i could not understand... but imagined.
the night at larri's was nice, familiar and calm, with nice gifts and plenty of food, although not for me.
susan had to drag paco, since he just started his new blog, mis morerías, about the islamic world. (i will include a permanent link to it in this blog of mine). He even started to study arabic in one of those online madrasas. everything at once and in the same day.
we wish you a good 2007, plenty of health, love and money for you and your people.