Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Excuse us... but we had a great 2008!

The other day, the attorney lady next door didn't resist:

- You and Susan look like you had a great 2008!

What could I say!

All you following this blog, if any, know we had plenty of good news this year. I won't list them, but there were plenty... and they were good enough to overcome the bad ones.

One of those great knews was the coming into our lives of Henry Rothrock, what a guy!, as you can see.

He is the first son of Becca and Sam... uhhh! I almost forgot: and the first grandson of Jane and Jim.

We just received these two great pix.

The Black Bros one show the happiness that the three Rothrock generations, Jim, Sam and Henry, show this past Christmas. Guess who is who in the pic.

Yeah, I know, most babies look good, but don't tell me this Henry doesn´t have a great smile.

We all understand the big smiles that grandpa and daddy show having Henry with them. We feel the same... and are dying to hold him this summer... in those great Carolina beaches. Wowwwwww! can't wait.

The other trio, the Whites, is obvious; Mom, Dad and Henry again. All that beauty and happiness... must be the air of Missouri.

Let's hope 2009 is as good as this one, as we, Susan, Paco, Willy and Sadie, wish you all.