Saturday, June 14, 2008

after the wedding

Yeah!!!! Kelly and Daniel didn't run away, neither of them, and they are now husband and wife, since June 7th, 2008.

We were witnesses, around 65 of us, plus a couple of ducks and their three ducklings. You can check the pics here.

It took place at 6 pm in Ossining (NY), chez Mark&Jen, thank you!, at 15 Hoags Croos Road. We even had a lake.

The Noonans, including Andreozzis, Garcías, Hoddinotts, Rothrocks and Ryans, cried. They love it, crying, that is. The wedding they loved too.

But things were not exempt from last minute tribulations.

The Posadas, the bride's familly, todos muy guapos, headed by don Francisco and doña Lucy, her dad and mum, almost didn't come. An airplane accident at Tegucigalpa's airport closed this one to big airplane traffic. They had to drive the whole night to San Salvador, El Salvador capital, to take a plane to Miami and then another to NYC. While they were flying to the city, Daniel, Kelly and Susan were trying to find a new apartment for the Posadas to stay (the one they had reserved... well, a last minute call said it was not available... and its first substitute... ehem!, we better forget about that one). Finally, they got a nice one. By that moment, past midnight, the family had arrived to JFK. The final tribulation: the taxi driving half the Posadas to the apartment... got lost and wanted to drop them in the middle of nowhere. Thank God, Karol and Linda, the bride's sisters and former NYC residents, knew better and the driver came to his senses. As the pic proves, everything ended well.

Of course, during the past few weeks we all had been checking the weather forecast in internet... around ten times a day, pick or take. As if it was the Delphi oracle (although, if you come to think about it, the truth is that, lately, we think of google internet as a real oracle, no?).

Finally, we didn't have any rain... but we were at the beginning of a record heat wave. We only missed by
hours the worst of it.

So we enjoyed a wonderful night, with lovely weather (but just a couple of hours before the ceremony, in the midst of a very strong lorenzo, the groom and Willy's dad sweat as they took off the plastic blinds of the tent, as someone had it prepared for the rain).

Plenty of friends were waiting for the ceremony. Quite a few were musicians, what else would you expect. Evelyn, Kelly's friend, Marcos and George, Daniel's colleague musicians, present when they first met were there, and reminded us how it all began: Kelly and Evelyn walked by a restaurant and decided to enter and enjoy the music they heard while passing by. The music was probably good, but the magic was instantaneous!!! Daniel later told us how he felt the beautiful lady whose eyes couldn't leave him (hey, you, you are mine!, they said, the eyes). When the music stopped, the girls left the restaurant. While they were arguing outside if Kelly had to go back in to ask the musician for his phone number, Daniel came out looking for her, as his colleagues had urged him to move his nice ass, que quien peces quiere se ha de mojar el culo.

The couple, since then, have a smiley face.

The garden ceremony provoked happiness. Such happiness that Daniel had to show his muscles (guitar playing and biciclying help, no doubt), like in the movies, and held the bride in his arms, over the stone wall.

They were so happy that were tempted to run away from the crowd... but such happiness had to be shared, so they came back to celebrate...

We had plenty of cubans, not only cigars (of these we had Partagaz Special series D-4; we also had Romeo y Julietas from Honduras), mmmmmmmmmmm!!!, but what a band, Tito and Wife's band was. wawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! They were so good that dancing couldn't stop and excitement kept growing. Even Kelly's little nephews and niece, Eduardo, Tony and Valery, had a ball. Valery danced a great while with Daniel's good friend (he came from Madrid) and great dancer Emmanuel, el afrancesado. He also had a ball... and quite a few stories to tell.

After a while, the best man, first, the groom, later, and don Francisco, last, took the mic...

Jason, brother of the groom and best man (the girls smile at him, and he doesn't notice, isn't that adorable?), made a very emotional speech, remembering the good old days when vacationing in CT with granma Irene and the cousins... so emotional, my brother my best friend!!!, that for a moment... he told the family to be prepared, that celebrations were not finished...

As I said, there were plenty of tear lovers, so by now the crying was at full power... it was so much fun all that sobbing!!!!

Don Francisco was extremely elegant and graceful when speaking to the crowd. I think he was happy to see his Kellita so well acompanied. We certainly are very happy to see Danieli smiling at her.

I almost forgot... the crying fest kept going, now with the Posadas joining in very gracefully.

Daniel, the groom, you know, also addressed the crowd. At the ceremony he had been very poised and secure but now, man!!!, what a discourse. He was excellent. I can't remember a better one. Not only the way he delivered it (as we can't forget he is a showman) but the content and measure. It couldn't have been better.

And it wasn't easy, as the day begun with some nerves when Daniel lost his backpack with the monies and checks and... for the wedding. Once again, good luck came to help and everything was found in a diner, back in Brkln. Kelly recuperated it. The marriage license was also left in the trunck of a car that was not suposed to go to the ceremony. When the minister asked for it... we all were happy that the car decided to go.

The bride was radiant, as you can see. If I were her, or the groom, I would also had been resplandecent.

Let me tell you: They look good these two!

PS Don't get me wrong: the crying, although real, was not so overwhelming, just enough. The rest was added for editorial purposes only. Guess who forced me to add such an explanation?... you are right, Sadie did it.

The pics were taken by the pro Jen Huang and our own Jessica Hoddinott.