Saturday, May 31, 2008

the wedding

Yeah! We are almost ready for the wedding. Last october Daniel proposed to Kelly, and they haven't run away from it. Tough guys!

The invitation arrived in due time, as you can see.

We were having dinner chez Vidal, in Madrid, and those two came for dessert: they looked radiant. Later they told us the good news.

First it was to happen in Madrid. Thank God they reconsidered. For a while, we were to travel to Honduras. The celebration will be next Saturday in Ossining, NY. I had never heard of that place (although Sing Sing is there), but now I find it everywhere - Don Draper, from MadMen, lives in that town with his family, when he is not on Madison Avenue.

The diamond has a family lineage, as shown: from Grandma B to Irene to Susan to Kelly.

Willy and Sadie are furious. They didn't care if we had to pay first class tickets for them, they demanded to be included. But, they have to stay home with their nannies: Kevin and Fátima, and Mayam and Andrés. Some vengeance is expected.

Best man Jason and the groom in the good old days!

Daniel does not seem nervous (except for the weather)... Bless ignorance! We don't know how Kelly is doing. She'll look gorgeous and her mommy and sister will be there to help.

Family will come not only from Spain, but from Korea, Honduras, Virginia, Missouri, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Friends come from everywhere. Lots of musicians and a lovely place await us, so we'll have a good time. And we all will sleep in a nearby hotel, so drinking is not forbidden.

Some of the family guests, Betsy, Sara, Jason and bearded Jimmie with the groom, before Kelly.

We are very happy... and expect plenty of children to play with. Grandchildren, points out lovely Susan, now playing with words
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