Sunday, February 04, 2007

are men necessary?

for years now, i've seen people laughing, politely or rudely, as i played with the idea that in a few more generations, not many, humankind will not have males anymore, only androgynous women.

most women were pleased... until i added that, given a few more generations, not many, there will be no human beings in earth, as androids will decide to get rid of such an inefficient tool.

at that point, they were not so happy and often stated, one way or another, how stupid a man, me for one, could be.

but as we all know, time can prove you right or wrong.

and time has gone by since i first started to say those things and, apparently, science is going along with me, at least with that related to the extinction of human males.

susan (pensive after her elbow operation, as you can see above) is now reading a book, are men necessary?, from a pulitzer price-winning columnist for the new york times, ms maureen dowd. this lady happily says so, pages 138 and 139 of her book, naming to back her up a couple of scientists, so she says, a dr. jones, professor of genetics at university college of london, who says that "men are wilting away, from sperm count to social status and from fertilization to death...", and a dr sykes, a science adviser to the british house of commons, who says that the y-chromosome, men in other words, is degenerating at such fast rate that we face "an inevitable eventual extinction".

i have to admit it, he is far more optimistic than i am, as he gives us 125.000 more years while i was thinking in just a few generetions, no more than three or four. maybe five.

thank you dr sykes.

idiocy has been with humans since genesis. at least with men, especially doctors.

pulitzer price-winning women columnists can not be idiots, as we all know.

ps i couldn't find a genetics department at ucl, you can try yourself here, but there are several jones at ucl, most women, quite a few in anthropology and even one alistarir d r jones in the dept. of anatomy and developmental biology (you can check it here). and i was able to find a sir richard sykes cited in quite a few entries in the house of commons. who knows
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