Tuesday, August 29, 2006

the escorial works are over... almost

last friday 24 august 2006 the royal family went back home from larri's summer camp, never better said. the house has been known since as el escorial, the palace, and in the future will be much celebrated. it was, the move, quite an event. although workers, movers and other wierd subjects keep comming and going, the family is quite happy... and busy, of course.
at first, willy and sadie were kind of sad (too big and sudden a change, according to susan), but, thank god, the enemy, roque, came back from vacations last monday, and everybody is much happier. we all know it is far easier to live with an enemy, whatever the lover's propaganda says.
susan and paco, following such a wise advise, have decided to keep the usual galería de las batallas in house, as shown in your left hand side.
battles are needed to keep people's minds in place, or should i say in palace? who knows.
but you'll agree with me that since cold war is over spy novels, or novels alone, have not been the same. no? pues eso, osea.
please, shout: ¡¡¡yeahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
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