Tuesday, March 21, 2006

susan comes back

she's been away for years now, but finally decided to come back. thanks sue. home sweet home is back again. we all missed you, but are glad that jane&jim, jim&joy, daniel, and all the bunch of noonans, andreozzis , ryans and hoddinotts could enjoy your company.
first thing she took out of her suitcase had the label you see attached - guess who was that for? yeah, you are right, it was for sweet sadie. willy and I can't resist our pleasure.
after a quick nap, we'll give la daniela a try, the new restaurant next door. it looks like finally we'll have in the neighborhood a decent restaurant to have a decent meal. cocido is their speciality. i am sure it is great, but i doubt it is going to be as good as susan's. we'll see.
and we have to thank comandante juanjo arroyo, from iberia, the treat he gave susan. the flight was turbulent as hell, but mr arroyo was great to susan. so we owe you one. thank you juanjo. and thank you lourdes, who asked him the favour.
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