Sunday, October 30, 2005

capitalism, my friend, is pumpimg in the earth

i'll be straightforward: because i consider comparison the basic method of human logic, i consider capitalism the basic instrument for development of social consciousness.

other systems may help individuals better, but nothing like capitalism to help people talk and relate with other people.

capitalism: system ruled by supply and demand.
most dics will add: in a free market, opposing capitalism to statealism, private to public property. i don't.

obviously, it is not that i have invented or discovered capitalism.
capitalism is implicit in human thinking itself.

its magic is the ability to handle human logic and nature (feelings, in other words) at the same time.

we don't really know how it works. we try, but our understanding is limited by logic.

capitalism, somehow, is not. like human thinking itself, is based in logic, but we really don't know how our lives are governed as we don't really know how capitalism works... but we know is not by logic, that much, we know.

capitalism is not a creation of people.
even if it is logical, therefore a creation of humans, it is, above all, natural, that is, a creation of nature, born with the genesis and imposing its own rules, a combination of maths and myths, myths being essential, far beyond human possibilities of understanding.

let's try.
logic is nothing but comparison. there is no math without comparison. our digital world is very explicit: binary, yes-no, 0-1, false-true. and, yes, capitalism is pure comparison. not to many people we'll exchange 10 for 2. as simple and constant as that.
nature, we really don't know what it is. we don't have a clue. religion, using logic for the purpose, tries good and bad for an explanation.
and we all know how well that works, don't we?

nature to us is a simple perception of logic, a limited, very limited perception, as logic itself shows: can you imagine a pencil dot, part of a written number in a formula, suffering for the consequences derived of said formula?

so we simply can't have a clue of waht nature really is. we know is there and we talk much about it, but we don't have and can't have a clue. nature governs us and there is nothing we can understand about it.

we feel and are more than sensitive to nature, but don't know much about it. and it doesn't sounds logical to think we will ever know enough to govern it.

doesn't that ring a bell to you?

Doesn't it sounds like capitalism?

but nature and capitalism not only form part of us in unconceivable ways, they also affect our lives in logical ways, in ways we can understand.

we know we love linda, eventhough we don't really know what love is or why it occurs.
we know what happens when loving linda. we may even consider the fact that linda is a loving, caring, considerate, beautiful, openminded, interested, rich and active in sex, and more, but ¿do we really have a clue?

in my opinion, that is why capitalism is part of nature, and therefore includes religion (politics by other name) and not the opposite, therefore been far superior.

it is not easy, i am sure, for any system to include religion (politics included), as every single religion pretends to be 'the system' itself.

but capitalism includes all of them, no doubt. i am an eyewitness.

how the hell can anyone mingle thousands of millions of astosnished and perplexed wackos as we are now living in earth?

capitalism is the answer, my friend, blowing in the windy earth.

váyase zp.

españa, sí, gracias.

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