Thursday, May 26, 2005

together again

Last night we picked up Susan at the airport. She finally came back from her sailing trip to the Greek isles. I have a different relationship with her than with my "escriba". She talks to me more about day-to-day stuff. Anyway, she told me that the dogs in Greece have a real dog's life - not like mine. Actually, my life style has kind of gone down the drain since Sadie came into the picture, and into our house. What a drag to have a baby daughter - not a moment of peace! Getting back to Greece, the dogs are either loose and half starving on the streets or chained up at some remote house up in the hills to scare people off from robbing the grape leaves. How can they scare people if they're chained?, I asked. Susan thought that was a great question - she's always telling me I'm the smartest dog in the world. I think we should do something for the chained-up dogs of the world. Personally, I can't even stand a collar and a leash! The problem is - what can we do? Does anybody remember that song "Unchain my heart...and set me free"?

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